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A New Play Written and Performed by Ned Van Zandt

1 Man, 16 characters


What do you do if you’re an actor and you find yourself in a Texas state prison on a drug charge and you’re recognized from your appearances on "One Life To Live" by the Junior Grand Dragon of the Texas Aryan Brotherhood who longs to be an actor himself and trades “protection” for acting lessons?


Del Valle, a true story, is a contemporary Dante’s Inferno.  It is the account of a well-born Texas man who hits bottom in prison.  It is also a tale of surviving sex, drugs, and rock and roll at the Chelsea Hotel, with Sid and Nancy, and in Hollywood, with Chaka Khan.


At a time in his life when he is hopelessly lost, he meets the fellow denizens of the lower depths, who confront him with who he really is, and he participates in their lives with an appetite for life which gives the audience reason to live theirs.


Del Valle is a moral tale, told with a wild sense of humor and suspense, of a man’s redemption through accepting himself for the first time with all his faults and gifts.



Jane Bergère is an Olivier award and multi-Tony Award winning producer. She began her career as an actress performing in television, regional theater and on Broadway. Jane was previously the Artistic Director of Connecticut's Broadway Theatre in Darien, CT where she produced over 50 musicals to great acclaim from The New York Times and tri-state newspapers. Jane began her career as a producer on the critically acclaimed Broadway show, Metamorphoses. Off-Broadway credits include Blindness and The Exonerated. In addition to her work in New York, Jane has also produced shows in London, Australia, Canada, and Korea.



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