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Why ‘Put On Your Sunday Clothes’ in ‘Hello, Dolly!’ is making people crazy happy

It’s not the most profound show tune ever written. But at this moment in time, it may be the perfect show tune.

Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there.

Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars.

We’re gonna find adventure in the evening air!

Girls in white

In a perfumed night

Where the lights are bright as the stars!

With farcical happenings about to bloom in “Hello, Dolly!” — now being revived on Broadway, divinely, with Bette Midler — “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” is the exhilarating soil in which they germinate. Cornelius and Barnaby, the naive clerks in Horace Vandergelder’s Yonkers feed store, decide to play hooky and run off to the big city. And as they dress for the occasion and skedaddle off to the train station, joined (as only can occur in a Golden Age Broadway musical) by a parade of dancing Yonkersites in color-coordinated outfits, the city eventually bursts into chorus after chorus of a Jerry Herman song bathed in morning sunshine, and hope....

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