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Mary-Louise Parker, Adam Rapp Celebrate ‘The Sound Inside’ Broadway Opening at Studio 54

Studio 54, and the famed mirrored walls that line its entryway, have never been so dark, so quiet, so enveloped by the silent pensiveness and isolation of Adam Rapp’s “The Sound Inside” or so haunted by the hush of reading in the dim light, alone.

Finally Rapp, the “Red Light Winter” Pulitzer Prize finalist, novelist and screenwriter, whose thirty-odd plays have been celebrated in small theaters and acting classrooms for twenty years, has made his Broadway debut. And what he’s brought to its stage, is a play as unlikely as it is deeply soul-stirring. On the opening night red carpet, flanked by his own reflection in the mirrored hallways of the Studio 54 theatre, the playwright reflected on the rapture of bringing “The Sound Inside” to Broadway.

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