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Mondays Off Broadway: What The Sound Inside's Will Hochman Does on His Day Off

You could say that Will Hochman works in a small operation. Despite the fact that he’s starring in the bona fide hit current Broadway production of The Sound Inside—which the New York Times just called “flawless”—at Studio 54 eight times a week, Hochman’s professional world at the moment is kind of small. That’s because for the duration of the smart, gripping play, penned by Adam Rapp and directed by David Cromer, it’s only Hochman and co-star Mary Louise Parker on stage. There’s no ensemble, there’s just a whisper of a set, there is no place for either of them to hide.

It also isn’t the lightest material. The play follows Parker’s character, a Yale professor with a terminal illness, as she befriends Hochman’s Christopher, a very smart, well read, socially awkward freshman. The two share an intellectual connection and she begins reading the novel he’s writing, though things for the pair quickly get more complicated—and much darker. So, when it comes time for Hochman to get his one day off each week, he takes it seriously.

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